Sunday, February 17, 2008

Calligraphy for the soul

Yesterday, I drove down to Kellogg Poly Pomona to visit with my calligraphy friends who were taking classes at our (Society for Calligraphy) mini conference. I couldn't spare the time to go myself for the 4 days but visit I could. I so lucky to be part of an artist community that is so active and wonderful not to mention the great friends I've made over the years. I didn't visit and chat with everyone for long because there was just too much for me to see...lots of recent work exhibited and for sale. Work for auction and gifts to give away. Paper and Ink, one of our main sources of supplies was set up with lots of new gizmos to buy. Demonstrations of new products and some old as well for the new calligraphers on the block. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I spent lots of money, had fun spending it and brought home lots of goodies.
I also took pictures...I visited each class and took photos of the work in progress and to see what I was missing. The Society gives lots of mini weekend classes throughout the year and I plan to take several.
One of the items for sale was a small box of alphabet cards that was reproduced as a fund raiser. Each letter was created and submitted by different calligraphers. Some of us did more than one. I volunteered to do "W and L". It was great to see all the different ways the artists rendered their chosen letters.
On the drive home I thought about how inspired everyone was by what they were learning and/or teaching and how excited I was just by seeing everyone's enthusiasm. That was my fix for the week. I'm inspired to create.

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littlelooky said...

love this new idea. Can't wait til my great niece or nephew is born. I'd love you to create something for this child. This will add to the Renee Troy originals that my family treasures.

It's wonderful to see how your creativity evolves!