Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Alphabet Tree

I had an idea about a month ago to do alphabet ornaments. I made "A-D" and needed somewhere to hang them. While shopping in one of my favorite haunts, there just waiting for me, was the bark of a tree. It was perfect. So off I went to continue on "E" and so on. I am now on "O" and the idea hit me that the entire tree should be a sculpture because I wanted to be able to view them all around the branch as I am going to need the space for all the letters. I found the perfect base at Michael's, a slice of tree trunk about an 1" thick and will drill a hole in it to insert the tree bark so that it can be free standing and be able to look all around it just as I've envisioned.
It always amazes me when a thought hits me and all the pieces fall into place. Now, I don't just see this project as separate ornaments but an entire sculpture. I also think that as I continue to add the finished letters onto the tree I will get some other ideas to add just a bit more sparkle to it to complete the entire piece. Perhaps some letters lying on the base as if it was that time of alphabet year to refresh it's growth...or something like that. I'm inspired to continue on it's journey.

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Lisa Holtzman said...

The richness of your creative expression is so luscious and alluring. It draws me in and each time I look at a piece you've done, I see more than I saw the first time.
Thank you for sharing yourself!