Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This piece is called "Romantic". I really enjoyed working on it and it will be the first among several that I'm planning.

The first one I did was a gift for my friend Xandra for her birthday. Her name had 12 letters in it so it divided up nicely. Each small square had a letter on it and spelled out her name making
it very personal.
So then I thought to start doing smaller pieces using words instead. Staring at me was a tear out from a magazine with the word Romantic stacked 2 times so I decided very quickly to use that as my muse. I already had some frames from other projects I've done with art dolls that I temporarily stopped creating so I decided to make use of them. I also had a stack of paste paper that I was saving to use on some unforeseen creation and now having all the ingredients off I went to start playing with it.

First I tore the paste paper into 2" squares as I wanted the natural edge look and made sure that they would fit in the frame once laid out. I also wanted to make sure I had enough space around each one so I could have some play room to extend and hang things. I decided on the individual letters I would use and placed them on each square. Then I went to play with the layout, my absolutely
favorite thing to do.
After each square was designed and completely glued, stapled or punched to secure placement, I cut out from black foam core

smaller squares to place in the back for attachment.
I wanted each decorated square to v
ary in depth so I alternated the attachment pieces (the foam core) behind by first stacking 2 together than 1 achieving movement. To finalize the attachment of each square I used glue. Since the word romantic has 8 letters I used the last square for the double word Romantic. All in all, I am very pleased with the way it all turned out.
My next piece with be "abundance" and am looking for the my muse to start it.

I'm also working on an alphabet tree however, that's on going since each ornament is one letter and there are after all 26 letters in the alphabet.


Lisa Holtzman said...

Love love love this! It is so unique,
creative, inviting. All the details and layers are so interesting and appealing. Keep it going Renee, you're a creative and inspirational blessing!


michelle calaba said...

I love your "Romantic" piece and read each square. When I got to the last square I laughed 'cause I have the same picture of Jean Harlow sitting on my calligraphy table! You & Sister Creativity are One. Bravo.

Just Love Books said...

Renee, Your work is beautiful and I LOVE your art dolls! Thanks for the inspiration. Kate