Monday, March 17, 2008

A happy ending

It's been awhile, not because I didn't want to share but because I simply had no time. Life happened and I just got too busy. I'm back, thankfully and doing some new and important things.
I'm known among some of my peers for creating original pieces for people on a personal level. Where some artists shy away from it I enjoy the challenge of meeting with a client and discussing what they are wanting to achieve and coming up with unique designs.
I love working 3 dimensionally so most of my original work is just that and because I love letters I like to incorporate words and/or names into my art. This particular client had the idea of using her gift receivers name and attaching meaningful words that began with each letter of his name. She wasn't sure how to artistically achieve this. My mind went reeling into 3D letters spelling out his name and adding the words under each of the letters.
She couldn't visualize what I was seeing, so I presented each faze of the creation along the way. Fortunately, she started to get excited after I had prepared the background paper with gold metallic paint, black rubbings from a stamp pad and a lettering stamp which provided a texture to the background. I then drew the letters of his name in Roman caps and carefully cut each one out with a very sharp exacto knife. Underneath, stacked and on the background paper, untextured, I added the words to accompany the letters of his name.
My client wanted it framed as well but needed it within a few days and didn't want to spend too much more money. This was my baby so I purchased a fabulous frame within the budget and did it myself within the time frame and had a happy client.
I really enjoyed creating this piece and was proud to hand it over to a very skeptical client who was very happy in the end as well.

I just love happy endings.

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