Thursday, March 20, 2008

A positive challenge

This week I got a call from a client I've been working with from the beginning of my calligraphy career, 1980. It's where I got my start. I was asked to create an invitation from an invite that they themselves received, and wanted similar calligraphy. After seeing the sample of what they wanted I hesitated because, number 1 the calligraphy wasn't very was personal handwriting with a calligraphy pen... and number 2 I felt I had limitations in this arena, but I said I would do the best I could do. Oh, they wanted it asap, of course. So, I wrote out the invite copy in a semi, stylized italic and it was rejected. They said it was too ordinary. Okay, I saw their point so I pushed myself because that's what I do. Besides which, even though I'm accustomed to doing work for celebrities (I do the Academy Award Nomination Certificates every year), I wanted to prove myself worthy for future work according to my client.
After struggling with my pens using different nibs and writing, rewriting and manipulating those puppies I came up with 2 similar styles from which to choose from. Hallelujah, they went with number 1.
Okay, that was half the battle, now I had to write 20 invitations by hand writing in a style that is new and unfamiliar to me. I pull up my pants, took a deep breath and started the journey focusing on the end invoice. L0w and behold, what I found at the beginning, a challenge, at the end, it turned out to be a style I totally enjoyed writing and the best was it was mine.
That's what I love about being an artist. It is so rewarding to not know what you're venturing into and all of a sudden something wonderful happens just from playing and pushing yourself.
This has definitely been a positive experience to tuck under my belt and a lesson telling me that I am capable, and from all the years of experience, can challenge myself and be rewarded.

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