Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Awhile back, I excitedly signed up for a class that Lisa Engelbrecht was teaching..."Bali Lantern's".
This was not the first time I've taken one of Lisa's classes as I've known her for many years thru the Society for Calligraphy. She's not only a fabulous calligrapher, but awesomely talented and universally appealing. Her techniques are amazing, her color sense exciting and her design ability eye candy. She's extremely admired among her peers, myself included, so I was once again looking forward to her class.

I live in an apartment so I wasn't sure I wanted to make a bali lantern for lack of space to hang it. But after I heard Lisa's suggestion to hang it over my work space for inspirational energy I was sorry I didn't complete one. I was interested in the techniques and the opportunity to paint on fabric in a collage format. Being a mixed media artist, used to working with paper, paint and the such in an altered fashion I am not used to layering onto fabric. Lisa is a master at it so I knew I would be happy no matter what.

I was not disappointed...I was stumped after the first layer of paint and adding some letters and words. But once we moved onto "the Stuff" as I love to call the ribbons, fibers, fabric, charms, etc., I personally was in my element and felt finally comfortable.

After living with it now for a few days and tweaking it here and there I'm liking it more and more. There is a point with collage that one can go over board so I may stop at this point and decide what to do with it. It would make a fabulous cover to my personal journal/photo album I'm planning to create soon, but I think I'll live with it a while longer.
I very grateful to have had the opportunity to take this wonderful class.

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