Tuesday, April 15, 2008

La Jolla

Jon and I left very early last Friday morning and spent the weekend in La Jolla. Jon had a conference to attend during Friday and Saturday and I got to do whatever I wanted. That doesn't happen very often and I was thoroughly excited at the prospects.
After we arrived, Jon went to his conference and I headed to Carlsbad to meet my friend Denise. She lives in Temecula so Carlsbad was an almost half way meeting place. The weather was superb, I've never been to Carlsbad, I haven't seen Denise in a few years so all the elements proved to be an ideal afternoon. We walked up and down State Street, in and out of stores, antique shops and stopped for lunch at a charming bistro that served us a delicious meal. The company, conversation, atmosphere, meal and entire experience was delightful. Oh, I did get a fabulous large printers drawer at one of the antique shops in great condition. I plan to put jewelry stuff in all the little compartments. That should make my life a bit easier when making jewelry.

Friday night Jon and I eat, talked about our day and went to sleep early. Saturday, after Jon left, I lounged around, caught up on some neglected reading, showered and headed into town. Again, the weather was gorgeous and I took advantage of being outdoors by just walking and window shopping. Went back to the hotel and took my magazines down to the pool to relax. Met up with Jon for dinner, and had a casual evening before turning in.

Sunday before heading home, Jon and I went into town, had a great brunch and walked all thru the village. La Jolla is so pretty, clean and casual, I didn't want to return home for another few days. But hence, work was awaiting me. Got home around 5:00, unpacked and discussed when and where we were going on our next little weekend get away. The possibilities sounded very exciting.

Okay, now back to the drawing board...literally.

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