Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last year I took a class with Sharon Zuegin, a well know calligrapher, artist who inspires me. In the class we got to paint sheets of tyvek in preparation for making a book. A few weeks ago, I found the left over tyvek I painted and thought "joyful" right away.

The paint and design of the tyvek just sings with color and was perfect for a "Joyful" mosaic collage. My other mosaic collages were created using paste paper and has a bit more subtle hues. "Joyful" is also a slightly different layout than the others and has a white frame.

I really enjoy making these mosaic collages. I love the shape of a box or square, the tiny size of 2"x2" and that they are 3 dimensional. You really can't tell in these photos, but each square is about 1/2" to 3/4" distance away from the background giving them a suspended appearance.

I like to choose words that are meaningful to me and that are 9 letters long so I can put one letter on each square to spell out the word. The 9 squares fit comfortably in the size of shadow box frame I buy. However, in the layout of joyful, which only has 6 letters, I was challenged to create a new layout and was pleased with the results.

I have many more meaningful words to create. I'm going through a change in my life right now that is very important to my peace of mind. At least I believe that to be true. It takes a commitment and vigilance to working at it to make the necessary changes. Not as easy as it sounds, I'm afraid. But, I look forward to the results. Lots to do.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Shower book

Several months ago, one of my life long friends, Roberta, ask me to do a special book for her niece's baby shower as a gift from her. Of course I said yes, took on the challenge and set out to do what I love to do.
Without knowing where to begin or how I was going to construct this book I did know that Roberta wanted each guest at the shower to be able to write a meaningful quote or some words of wisdom for the new mother to be. There were going to be around 25 guests so I knew the book was going to be substantial. I had a few photos, an invitation to the shower, a poem the grandmother wrote and the fact that Sheri (the honoree) had a very difficult time conceiving this child. I decided that this book should be filled with lots of important reasons why couples decide to have a child even through difficult obstacles.
I needed something to remain constant throughout the book which was one of the bigger challenges for me. In my stash I found a sheet of wrapping paper with childlike illustrations and the alphabet on it so I used that. It turned out to be the perfect constant element since I was able to use each of the 26 letters as pockets to hold the tags which each guest would be writing their words of wisdom on and could be easily put back in it's appropriate pocket afterwards since the tags had a corresponding letter on them.
That being solved construction was another hurtle. I decided to take the easy road and use 3 ring clips to hold all the pages together since I wasn't quite sure how thick the book would become. It turned out to be the ideal solution.
Two months later and all pages completed, I felt quite happy with the results. Roberta seemed extremely please with her gift for her niece and as I've been told, it was a big hit at the shower.
Now on to the next challenge.