Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last year I took a class with Sharon Zuegin, a well know calligrapher, artist who inspires me. In the class we got to paint sheets of tyvek in preparation for making a book. A few weeks ago, I found the left over tyvek I painted and thought "joyful" right away.

The paint and design of the tyvek just sings with color and was perfect for a "Joyful" mosaic collage. My other mosaic collages were created using paste paper and has a bit more subtle hues. "Joyful" is also a slightly different layout than the others and has a white frame.

I really enjoy making these mosaic collages. I love the shape of a box or square, the tiny size of 2"x2" and that they are 3 dimensional. You really can't tell in these photos, but each square is about 1/2" to 3/4" distance away from the background giving them a suspended appearance.

I like to choose words that are meaningful to me and that are 9 letters long so I can put one letter on each square to spell out the word. The 9 squares fit comfortably in the size of shadow box frame I buy. However, in the layout of joyful, which only has 6 letters, I was challenged to create a new layout and was pleased with the results.

I have many more meaningful words to create. I'm going through a change in my life right now that is very important to my peace of mind. At least I believe that to be true. It takes a commitment and vigilance to working at it to make the necessary changes. Not as easy as it sounds, I'm afraid. But, I look forward to the results. Lots to do.....

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