Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne

A lovely new client came to me wanting an original framed birthday gift for her mom but it was close to her dad's birthday as well so she wanted a keepsake for both of them. She brought with her photos of mom and dad as children, their wedding photos, and a proposal telegram from when the dad was in the service, 1940's. Asking a little about the couple, I discovered dad was a collector of antiques and mom wrote cook books. My client also wanted me to create a monogram for them. This was quite an interesting challenge for me. Off to the drawing board...as I knew I had lots of elements to incorporate into this original design.

After designing the monogram and getting my clients approval, I created the original piece which turned out quite nice on it's own. I then mounted the copies of photos and telegram, gave them titles and started my layout.
There was a dedication from the children that needed to be interlaced somehow, somewhere into this piece...this stomped me. After much brain picking I decided that creating a mock book (the mom being a cook book writer) and putting an original, hand painted illustration of something you would find in a cook book along side the calligraphed dedication would complete the elements for this original collage. I did, however, forget about the dad in all this...so, I went the antique route by suggestion.
The fabric I chose for the back drop was a beautifully muted floral pattern on a taupe colored linen. Each element was aged by coloring the edges with a brown ink pad giving them an antique feeling and adding a few silk flowers among the pieces rounded out and completed the design.

I was very pleased with the results and so was my client.

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