Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My grandchildren

What can I say...my grandchildren tug at my heart. They're a pure source of joy and pleasure for me and I am truly blessed.
Sunday, my three and a half year old granddaughter, Izabella, had a dance recital at the old Hollywood Ebell Theater on Wilshire Boulevard. My date was my 6 year old grandson James Troy, Izabella's cousin. Izabella has been taking dance for the past year and is very in armored with music, dance and anything related.

I picked James up at 1:00 and we headed out to Hollywood with much anticipation of seeing our little girl perform her dance routine with her class. The Wilshire Ebell Theater is an old theater but still does special performances which include schools, dance companies and the like. I wanted to include the video for my family and friends but it won't download to my disappointment.

There's a huge story connected to my grandchildren that not many people know which makes this day a bit of a miracle in the scheme of things. I can't help but wonder from time to time what might have been.

Bella would truly be a star in my eyes even if she was awkward and tone deaf but she is her father's daughter (he being a talented musician) and has music in her veins. She was terrific and I was awe struck by her little performance, her beauty and that she is my little angel. I'm so proud of her. I'm very proud of James as well....
James also, just had a school performance where he had a solo song, sung all by himself up on the auditorium stage. He was amazing and remembered all his words. He also had a performance at the Wadsworth Theater here in Westwood (UCLA territory) with the Star program, an after school program for L.A. schools. I know what every grandparent says...their little ones are so special and mine are as well. I think the love that is in my heart for these 2 little people couldn't be compared to anything or anyone else.

My grandchildren are adopted...they are my blood but their parents, my sons and their wives, were unable to raise them in a safe and healthy way. I had no choice but to intervene and found 2 wonderfully incredible couples who were unable to have children of their own, who wanted to adopt my grand babies. It is a long story but a very happy one as I remain in their lives and as cousins they are growing up knowing each other. A very unusual and unique circumstance to say the least and a story that should some day be told. I can say with much pride that I can reap the rewards of grand parenthood with an abundance of hope and thankfulness in my heart.

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