Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not enough time

I've been wanting to get to blogging for several weeks now and couldn't find the time before now. I've just been doing a lot of different things leaving me with little time to squeeze yet one more thing in before I slept. It's late now, I haven't eaten yet, but I decided to jot down a few words about what I was up to.

My daughter in law, Barbara is the costume designer for "Ghost Whisperer". While visiting the set for the filming of the last season, the show designer, Dorothy saw my jewelry and asked to bring by some of my work when the new season started up which is now. That was very exciting for me so I went home and started making jewelry. This is just a sampling of what I've been doing.
Because I have an addictive personality, I've become obsessed with this art form. It's not my usual form of art but it is 3 dimensional so I feel connected to it. I've always loved beads, chain, findings, etc. and have created jewelry over the years so I had a stash of stuff to get started.
I keep wanting to put everything away because I've created enough to start my own shop but I can't stop. It must be my obsessive, compulsive personality.

Well okay, I've blogged and now I must eat something and make more jewelry.

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