Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Accomplishing goals via "The Secret"

At the beginning of 2008, one of the things I wanted was to have my work published. It seems that I will be accomplishing my goal for which I am very grateful and excited. I will be published in my favorite magazine, Somerset Studios in the fall...I submitted one of my mosaic collage pieces; I'll be in Marci Donley new book, the name I'm not sure of at the moment...she is a fellow calligrapher and already a book author; in a coffee table book entitled "The Visionboard", and in Volume 7 of Etsy.com. Now that I am writing about it I have this big grin on my face because I really didn't realize what I had set out to accomplish and actually did. I guess there is something to be said about "The Secret".
I've been practicing the theory behind this phenomenon for awhile now by reading, listening to cd's, watching some Oprah, "The Law of Attraction", Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle, etc. and I can honestly say that some things in my life have shifted and are changing. If nothing else, I feel more positive, relaxed, joyful and definitely more focused on things that I want in my life. I let go of a lot of unnecessary things, changed some negative habits, added some positive ones and let go of a few people that were vampires and drained me of my energy. With letting go of the negativity some positive things started to happen which gave validity to the theory that I've been studying. I think I'm also more willing to come up to the plate and accept the challenge to change. At 62, if it doesn't happen now...then when? I'm more willing to take it one day at a time as well. Life is going too fast and the only way to slow it down is to stay in the moment, each day. Not an easy thing to do unless you practice. I'm learning.

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