Thursday, July 3, 2008

Custom framed wedding invitation keepsake second commission was to do what I think of as "my real work". I love working 3 dimensionally and creating anything in a frame is right up my alley big time.
I've been framing birth announcements, wedding invites, photos, items that are precious to people, just about anything that is personal and can be preserved in a frame. My cup of when my long time friend (and we have just reconnected after 35 years) asked me to suggest a wedding gift I immediately went to the invitation.
I've created dozens of keepsakes from wedding invitations. I'm sure that there are one or two keepsakes that have out lasted the marriage, I've been doing this so long :) My sculpted roman cap letters are always a mainstay and attract major attention as a focal area in my creations and I then balance out the overall design with the invite. I'm my happiest when I can take my time and pull out stuff from my stash and just play. This particular invitation was contemporary, with a natural feel, young couple, first marriage, so I decided to keep it understated and clean. I've done many that were more....just more.
My friend was very pleased and I'm a happy camper.

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Laura said...

what a treat having someone like Renee to work with. completely professional,down to sending the tracking information. Now to the magnificent art work. The young couple were truly thrilled with invite keepsake. It is a true work of art, something to be kept, and handed down for generations.I would do it again, and know it would be perfect.How gifted you are.
thank you so very much!!