Monday, July 14, 2008

A new network

I just found a new networking site that I joined. It's quite new and it's mostly all artists. Juggling all these sites and blogs is really quite time consuming so I hope I'm not over doing it. I mostly want to connect with like minded people where I can share my art, talk about art, get feedback, share my thoughts, explore new art, etc., etc., etc.

My friend Laurie is visiting with me this week from Santa Fe so I won't be doing much of my usual stuff pertaining to my work. This posting will be short because I'm running out of steam and need to go to bed. So, I bid a good night and peaceful dreams.


Rose said...

Dear, I enjoy your blog and I really admire your art. If you have time visit me at:

Renee Troy said...

Thank you Rose. I appreciate the comment. I visited your site and you do lovely work as well. Good luck on etsy.

Let's keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is set up so beautifully. I just started my blog a couple days ago and its all new to me! Your are gifted with your talent. Stop by and visit