Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Appreciating my humble abode

I live in an apartment in Mar Vista, a small community on the west side of Los Angeles about a mile and a half from the beach. To the west of me about 1/2 mile is Venice, just north Santa Monica and south Marina del Rey.
I moved to L.A. in 1976 and quickly moved to Santa Monica where my husband and I raised my 2 boys, several cats and our Golden Retriever, Buster. In 2008, thirty-two years later, after many life changes and several moves I am back here gratefully in the place where I truly started my adult journey.

However, because the westside is prime location, thousands of people are flocking here to reap the benefits of our glorious weather where tons and tons of condos, lofts, townhouses, and highrises are being constructed to entice these people to buy and live. What was once a quiet, neighborhood community now is almost a metropolis of well to do people who want to sanction a small piece of desired real estate. Needless to say, my quiet little neighborhood has turned into a bustling community of coffee shops, book stores, up scale clothing shops, restuarants, etc.

I am at a stage in my life where purpose and meaning is important. I want my personal choices to have clarity and substance where I can feel good about myself at the end of each day. This is how I know I've learned some important lessons, that I've grown and feel fulfilled as an adult.

At some point, I decided to consciously live in gratitude. Keeping my focus on the positive things rather than worry about things I had no control over in my life has made a huge difference in the quality of my every day existence. I choose to walk through life with my eyes open and as they say, smell the flowers I see along the path.
My art defines a great deal about me. I earn a living creating, and I spend a great deal of my time doing art in some form or another. For this, I am forever grateful. My environment consists of a colorful, 3 dimensional world that never fails to bring a smile to my face. I wake up every morning to see my 2 kitties curled up at the foot of my bed and an assortment of vinettes around my room of gifts I've gotten, dolls I've made, treasures from the past and present, and photos of family and friends.
I'm a creature who needs lots of color around me so the first thing I do is paint , wall paper, and/or decorate walls. It's my environment that I'm in most of the day, every day and I feel I need to have it keep my spirits alive. So, just like I approach my art, I do the same with the walls that surround me using paint, stencils, rubber stamps, paper, hanging things, writing things and making every corner be alive with an assortment of art from my favorite artists as well as my own creations.
I am so lucky to have so much in my life that I quietly try to give back whenever I can. Living in state of contentment is in itself rewarding spiritually. Staying focused on what I have instead of what I think I need allows simplicity to seem like abundance. My peace is being able to create my art, my world and be happy in it.


Esther said...

Hello Renee, I saw you on Creatve Souls and decided to stop in for a visit. What a lovely page, your work is wonderful. I will add you to my Favorite Blogs list on my blog.

Sherry Goodloe said...

What a wonderful way to live Renee!