Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Back

I returned from St. Helena Monday night via San Francisco/Oakland. It was a short, yet wonderful vacation well deserved.
I stayed in a 100+ year old Victorian house on a small vineyard and it fascinated me how people lived back then. The architecture alone is close to my heart and I have always wanted to experience this type of living environment. These are photos of the large bedroom that I slept in while I dreamt of it being the bedroom I slept in at home. My entire apartment could easily fit into this one room. I imagined being a child growing up in this house with it's many nooks and hiding places and so many doors to run through and play catch me if you can.
The small town of St. Helena, with it's 4 blocks of Main Street, is so charming and filled with history. The shops are all up scale with a wonderful flare for fashion and art, the food extraordinary in every restaurant we eat and the architecture fine quality building. Some of the homes/estates just took my breathe away, many Victorian or Craftsman style.
Taking several road trips around the surrounding areas...Calistoga,
Napa, Sonoma, Rutherford, we passed miles and miles of vineyards that were a sight to behold. We didn't do much wine tasting as the heat was in the 90's and not conducive to drinking wine in the afternoon. The food in each restaurant we eat at was exquisite and memorable I could taste the variety of flavors as I'm writing.
Saturday was my favorite day as I got to take a steam, soak in a mud bath and a massage at the Mount View Hotel and Spa. It was the best of experiences.

Our last day, Monday, we left St. Helena early and drove to San Francisco to spend whatever time we had left in that glorious of cities. Again, the architecture just blew me away and the art in many of the neighborhood streets had fabulous shops and eateries.

So now I'm home doing what I always do. But I will bask in the remembrance of my short trip for many weeks to come.

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