Friday, August 15, 2008

My gift for Lisa

My special friend, Lisa is having a birthday on Monday. She is one of those popular gals who has lots of friends and is very social. I wanted to take her to a place that my friend Laurie introduced me to when she was visiting from Santa Fe. Wouldn't you know that it took an out of towner to enlighten me to a fabulous place in my home town...tells you a lot about me and my social life. Anyway, I knew Lisa would love it there...Joan's on Third...really fabulous food, (Joan is a caterer)the right atmosphere, European deli style, with the most awesome homemade desserts that melt in your mouth. Couldn't possibly have any calories whatsoever :)
Anyway, we had planned to go to the Pasadena Bead Show today so I suggested that we celebrate her Bday today then she wouldn't have to worry about fitting me in with her other friends wanting to celebrate her day....etc. It worked out perfectly.
We're both calligraphers and fortunately have a heavy work load...hard to make all day plans. We both had a light day so it worked out just right.
When birthdays and holidays arrive I try my best to make all my gifts. For one thing, I enjoy the process and it's a way for me to give a little bit of myself to the special people in my life. I really like birthdays because they are one at a time and I can put that extra bit of love into my creations.
I knew Lisa admired my mosaic collages and I knew for a long time that I would make one for her birthday. But...............................
My mosaic collages have a word theme and the series that I started was with words such as "Abundance", "Gratitude", "Harmony". "Romantic"...very generic. I usually choose words with 8 or 9 letters and it took me a long time to decide what the theme would be for my dearest friend. I chose simply "My Friend", personalizing the last square.
I was extremely please with the results, proud to give her my gift and felt in my heart she was just as pleased in the receiving.

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