Friday, August 15, 2008

This is a view of when I open my eyes in the morning. I think it's a wonderful scene to look at, but what makes is extremely special to me is the 2 floral paintings on the wall.
When I was young I remember my mother worked for an importer of art and frames called ArtLore in Manhattan. She was a bookkeeper for many years there.
My mother had a special flare about her especially her sense of color. I can remember her bright colored flower dresses, shoes and handbag to match. She always complained that her feet hurt but I think it was just an excuse to buy another pair of shoes. I know that one really well. It's probably where I got my shoe addiction.
Anyway, I can recall the walls of our apartment (we lived in the Bronx) were covered with these beautifully framed original oil paintings and these were my favorites.
My mother died going on 35 years now and these paintings are about the only physical things I have left from her. They're quite precious to me. I think maybe I'll get a small framed photo of my mother and hang it right along side of them...yes, I think I'll do that.
Love you, Mom....

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Anonymous said...

as an old friend of renee's i remember her mother very well. she always had a sense of style and a keen eye. besides being a very bright, kind hearted lady, she was shrewd and you saw it in her eyes.She wore hats and gloves and never made young people feel foolish. I'm so happy to know those beautifully framed pictures are hers and a picture of Gertrude in her heyday would be appropo right next to her paintings. Here's to you Gert and your amazingly talented daughter. you'd be proud.