Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Follow Your Bliss

This is my second attempt at a mixed media collage, stylized portrait.

I read "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts and was very inspired by her work and techniques so I tried one of the techniques and liked it...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where is it?

Did an on line class with Karyn Gartel painting stylized portraits. I discovered that it is hard for me to do stylized as I tend to go realistic even though I don't do realistic very well. Nor, I discovered, do I follow direction well. I really know for sure now how rebellious I truly am. I just couldn't seem to follow the instructions and kept going off and doing my own thing.

I started off just fine cutting up decorative papers and gluing the pieces to the canvas. I also did well adding the gesso. But then, I had to bring in my own little signature into the mix and started to glue down some torn book pages and writing over the gesso. I didn't follow the instructions for the face either as I didn't really like what I was drawing so I did my own interpretation. Then I needed to add ephemera on top of that so I stuck a flower in her hair, used decorative paper for her dress and trim on the bustline and added some netting that was calling out to me for texture.

Okay, so I probably should have stuck to the instructions just to see what would happen but it just didn't seem right to me. The good news is that I like how it turned out and I started another one.

Kelly's mini books

Last Saturday I took Kelly Kilmer's class with a group of gals who belong to my art group SoCalArtUnraveled. It was lots of fun. I've been wanting to take one of Kelly's Classes for a long time and finally had an opportunity.

Kelly's a great teacher and has lots of tricks up her sleeve so I learned a lot from her. She's very inspiring, motivating and generous. She brought an arsenal of materials to share and it amazed me how easily she instructed but encouraged us to do our own thing.
These little mini books weren't more than 4x3" in a variety of page sizes. We tore the different papers and made a signature of 5 folded pages that were than sewn simply in the center. We then proceeded to collage and decorate each page with coordinating patterns, images and ephemera.
This kind of book was right up my alley and I loved that we worked fast and had surprises along the way. When I put too much thought into my collage work it doesn't seem to look as spontaneous and free.

I had fun, met some great gals and a new inspiring teacher.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My honey, Jon, had a birthday on 9/11 so I took him away for the weekend to celebrate. Because we are planning on moving a bit north up the coast and we wanted to explore Oxnard, Ventura area, I took us away to Oxnard.
We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn in Oxnard, which was really lovely. Our room was like a little suite with sitting area, sleeping area, kitchen with an eat on counter and stools and the bathroom was big which is something I haven't experience in my travels. On Sunday morning we had a full complimentary breakfast....FABULOUS!
Soon after we arrived, checked in and fled we went to the Visitors Center to see what was going on and got the low down on all the building that they are doing and planning in the area and took a load of reading material to look over at our leisure...did I say leisure? What was I thinking? I have no leisure time.
Anyway, we drove around the town and up the coast and we fell in love. It's definitely where we want to be. We spent Saturday afternoon walking along Main Street in Ventura with all it's quaint shops and scenic views. I found 2 of the most fabulous stores there..."B on Main" and "Hearts Delight". Oh my God, what fun I had. I can't say Jon was having much fun but he is such a sweety and was happy because I was enjoying myself. I purchased a few treasures in each store and was a very happy camper.

Reluctantly leaving on Sunday to return home to my chaos and work load...not complaining mind you...but now I have definitely dreams of my very near future and where we will be living in the beginning of 2009. Can you believe it? It's mid September and Christmas is just around the corner and coming fast. Oh well, that much sooner I'll be packing my bags.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Challenge for Sept.

My entry to Sept. Challenge at Shabby Cottage Studio.

New projects

Raining Art Dolls

Tonight I went to a artist reception at Ten Women on Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA for the window display of "Raining Art Dolls".
Ten Women is an woman's artist co-op started in Santa Monica many years ago and was very successful. The store is very small and could only hold the work of 10 artists', hence the name Ten Women.
The Venice Ten Women has become even more popular not only because it's a larger store but the area has become the "in place" to go. The first Friday of the month the stores stay open till late, serve wine and food, music playing and draws the in crowd at the moment. The streets were packed as was the stores.

My dear friend Trish Anders, www.artpropensity.com, invited me, as well as other art doll artists, to share in the window display at Ten Women. I felt honored, but I'm not really making art dolls any longer because of my RA. Can't do the hand work anymore...I just love the detailing. But, since it was an opportunity, I did manage to gather up "my pixie triplets" to share, small art dolls made several years ago. I don't really want to sell these dolls but just for display it would be OK.

It amazed me how different everyone's art dolls were. The creativity was brilliant and I wanted to take them all home and have them hanging in my front window...like a curtain. I get so filled and inspired when I'm around such talent and artistry. It makes me very proud to be among them and to be able to call myself an artist.
My little guys are dressed to the nines due to my background in New York garment industry. I just can't resist the costuming and using the stash of fabric and trim that I have.
They are about 7" tall, arms and legs positionable, cloth bodies, polymer clay head, arms and legs with glass eyes.
I felt so proud seeing them hanging there among so many other fabulous dolls. It was like American Art Doll Idols. What fun!

"Raining Art Dolls" window will be displayed throughout the month of September. If you happen to live in SoCal or will be visiting...spot by and visit...it's worth it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"The Wedding"

I'm an audio book person. Because I sit and write lots and lots of envelopes, seating cards, etc. it occurred to me a long time ago that I needed something to occupy my mind while doing the work that I do. I can't recall when I started listening to audio books but my guess is that I've listened to thousands of books and some more than once. I really enjoy a good mystery, love story, science fiction and some self help authors.
Tonight I finished listening to Nicholas Sparks "The Wedding". It was so romantic, sweet and touching that I sobbed during the ending from joy at the possibility that there could be such love and thoughtfulness existing among us, because if someone could write about it then it has to have happened for someone.
I'm a real romantic and sometimes overly idealistic. Most of the time I live in the real world but my dreams are what saves me. I would hope, with a great deal of my heart, that such romance and love exists and sometimes I even get to experience a taste of it. However, after listening to this book I will make more of an effort to step up the romance in my relationship. I definitely believe that people can change if once aware of the joy it can bring to the person they
love. It can be exciting not only for the receiver but for the giver as well. I'm looking forward to the experience.