Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kelly's mini books

Last Saturday I took Kelly Kilmer's class with a group of gals who belong to my art group SoCalArtUnraveled. It was lots of fun. I've been wanting to take one of Kelly's Classes for a long time and finally had an opportunity.

Kelly's a great teacher and has lots of tricks up her sleeve so I learned a lot from her. She's very inspiring, motivating and generous. She brought an arsenal of materials to share and it amazed me how easily she instructed but encouraged us to do our own thing.
These little mini books weren't more than 4x3" in a variety of page sizes. We tore the different papers and made a signature of 5 folded pages that were than sewn simply in the center. We then proceeded to collage and decorate each page with coordinating patterns, images and ephemera.
This kind of book was right up my alley and I loved that we worked fast and had surprises along the way. When I put too much thought into my collage work it doesn't seem to look as spontaneous and free.

I had fun, met some great gals and a new inspiring teacher.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you Renee for your kind words. I Love the little books you created. I hope you have fun working in them and to see you again!! :)

Mari said...

Мне очень нравится!
Тоже очень хочется иметь такую книгу у себя...
Буду у Вас учится! Спасибо.