Friday, September 5, 2008

Raining Art Dolls

Tonight I went to a artist reception at Ten Women on Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA for the window display of "Raining Art Dolls".
Ten Women is an woman's artist co-op started in Santa Monica many years ago and was very successful. The store is very small and could only hold the work of 10 artists', hence the name Ten Women.
The Venice Ten Women has become even more popular not only because it's a larger store but the area has become the "in place" to go. The first Friday of the month the stores stay open till late, serve wine and food, music playing and draws the in crowd at the moment. The streets were packed as was the stores.

My dear friend Trish Anders,, invited me, as well as other art doll artists, to share in the window display at Ten Women. I felt honored, but I'm not really making art dolls any longer because of my RA. Can't do the hand work anymore...I just love the detailing. But, since it was an opportunity, I did manage to gather up "my pixie triplets" to share, small art dolls made several years ago. I don't really want to sell these dolls but just for display it would be OK.

It amazed me how different everyone's art dolls were. The creativity was brilliant and I wanted to take them all home and have them hanging in my front a curtain. I get so filled and inspired when I'm around such talent and artistry. It makes me very proud to be among them and to be able to call myself an artist.
My little guys are dressed to the nines due to my background in New York garment industry. I just can't resist the costuming and using the stash of fabric and trim that I have.
They are about 7" tall, arms and legs positionable, cloth bodies, polymer clay head, arms and legs with glass eyes.
I felt so proud seeing them hanging there among so many other fabulous dolls. It was like American Art Doll Idols. What fun!

"Raining Art Dolls" window will be displayed throughout the month of September. If you happen to live in SoCal or will be by and's worth it.

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BumbleVee said...

I wish I lived closer....I'd love to see some dolls in person.. I've been making dolls for a few years now...took an online class to learn about it... but only have one friend who makes them on occasion, so haven't seen that many up close and personal....