Friday, October 31, 2008

Ten Women

I am very excited to say that I received a call back from Ten Women Gallery to bring more work back for consideration. I now have a nice body of work to show and feel this next time I will be prepared and confident.
Things have changed a bit regarding my moving situation and it's looking like it may take a bit longer to actually make the move to Oxnard. So, in the meantime...why not have my work for sale that is if I'm accepted.

I am having 2 canvas giclee's made from my originals so far and have the professional scans to print out for cards, and prints. This will give me the opportunity to hold on to my originals for awhile as I'm having a hard time letting go of my babies. If all goes well I'll invest and have them all done. It's quite expensive as it turns out but at least I can sell more than one. I'm hoping that that's the case. I'd love to shift to collage/painting in the near future. I'm loving it.

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linda said...

hi renee,

i have been to your sites and i love the work you are doing.
let's talk soon.

i love you.