Thursday, October 2, 2008

Watercolor from photo

My friend, Laura asked me to do a watercolor of a photograph of her daughter Amy and grandsons. I'm not really a watercolor artist but I've done a few things that were decent over the years so I agreed and took on the challenge.

Her other daughter Tina, then asked me to also do one for her of her mother in law and son to give as a gift. That has been more challenging because I have to take two photos and integrate them into one picture. It's going slow to say the least but coming along none the less. I hope they like the end results.


kleckser said...

I think zou did a nice job and thez will be verz happz about zour painting.
Best Wishes

Don said...

Very nice. I admire anyone who is successful with watercolors. My wife does a bit of painting, and I always marvel at the amount of technique you artists must understand and master.