Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I received an email last week "A Call for Artists" from my favorite store in Pasadena. It is for a Valentine art show in the store entitled "Heartbreak". I really wanted to submit but couldn't think of a thing to create.
While taking a shower the other day, it hit me. Existing the tub quickly, I went straight for my art supplies and viola! produce "Mend". I submitted it this morning but won't know if "Mend" was chosen until the 25th or so. Now is the hard part...I have to be patient and wait.


Bevie said...

Hi Renee, I believe Mend will win as it's awesome!!! It's amazing what comes to mind when we are in the shower..hehehe!!! I will keep a postive pray you win!!

♥ milliande said...

giggle..this made me laugh in recognition ...and idea hits and out I jump of the bathtub ..still dripping at times and at least jotting a sketch down ...until i grab the towel ..giggle ...thanks for your kind comments on my blog, glad you find my video journals inspiring ...have a playful day
♥ milliande

Julie-ann Bowden said...

This was a real great idea, glad you come up with it, the paintings look really cool! Makes you think.

Ronnie said...

Renee! I found you today via Julie-Ann. You are on a roll.
Love the hearts. I think you are IN!
Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia

Joy Logan said...

OH I love hearts so!!! Your blog caught my eye!

Paula S In New Mexico said...

Love these hearts.

I've been thinking about making hearts with paperclay and putting them on birch wood.

A few years back I made valentines for all my co-workers. It is fun to still see them posted in cubicles around the office. I think the heart is a universal theme that everyone can relate to on some level. So much meaning. So much to think about. I so enjoy seeing your work. Good luck with the submission.....that "wait" part can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process !!!!!

vintage moon studio said...

What an fantastic piece - and congratulations for having it included in the exhibit. My muse doesn't visit me in the shower but always manages to wake me at 2 AM!
Beautiful blog... I will be back! Deb