Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Friend, my sister

This is a mixed media, collage painting I did several months ago to sell in Ten Women Gallery. I wanted to hold on to the original so I made a giclee and prints and cards from it and brought those into the gallery and promptly took "Tatiana" (the name of the painting) home with me.

Margaret, my lifelong friend and soul sister, came across the painting while browsing my blog and wanted to buy the original. This was a perfect opportunity for me to give my dearest friend a meaningful gift and a place for Tatiana to live permanently where she would be forever cherished.
Margaret and I celebrated our 18th birthday together (we are now 63) hoping to be carded when we ordered our first legal drink...we come from N.Y. We also lived together in our first home away from home at 335 East 54th Street in Manhattan. A small one bedroom apartment where she had the bedroom and slept in the living area. Those were the days!
Margaret and her husband, Joe, just finished building a new home and moved in last week. Tatiana was a combination gift of house warming, birthday and lifetime gift of love.
I feel proud and honored that my work hangs in her home. I love you, Margaret!


femminismo said...

Renee, your artwork is stupendous! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and joining in. I will be checking in with you too. Love the hearts. what a great one you have to give your friend and soul sister Tatiana. And you personalize nominee certificates! Great! And you have lovely grandchildren. Jeanne in Oregon

reagan said...

What a perfect home for this piece! Thank you so much for joining my workshop:-) Enjoy the journey!