Monday, March 9, 2009

Molly and Abigail

I took an online class recently because I wanted to be inspired to make art dolls again. Nancye's Art Dolls are just adorable and I needed to try them.
I first purchased her book and downloaded it before the class begun and try one as per the instructions. Molly was born out of PaperClay air dry clay.
I was pleased with the results but made a few mistakes along the way. For me the most fun is outfitting the little characters. With a background in children's clothing design, this felt like old home week.

Then the class began and I got to see Nancye work, taking the mystery out of some of the kinks I ran into. Also, I knew I wanted to try Polymer clay again and that is what Nancye uses on her dolls. Because of my RA and limited mobility in my hands I was concerned with the polymer but using the pasta machine it turned out to be ok for me.
Drum roll, please....and here is Abigail.


Lisa Holtzman said...

Oh Abigail, you're gorgeous! Love the skirt, the hair, the freckles. Great job Renee!!

Anonymous said...

I love your girls--remarakble,adorable---such detail-how gifted you are.


Margaret said...

What incredible talent! Madame has had some interesing experiences, I think! Abigail is adorable--love the freckles!


elbowgrease said...

Hi Renee,

Love the dolls. I noticed you're featured on Nancy's front page and I had to look at your blog. Lovely, lovely!