Monday, March 2, 2009

My birthday

February 26th was my birthday and I had a fabulous day. It started with a big assortment of balloons that went from the floor to ceiling from my son, Sal, then stuffed french toast that my Honey favorite of his wonderful recipe's.
Then off to Ten Women Venice Gallery to do my shift where I sold 3 of my pieces and got to act like a celebrity by signing my art for very happy customers. It was just thrilling and really made my day.
For dinner my son, Sal and his girl friend, me and Jon went for Sushi and I got a wonderful gift certificate from Sal and a birthday cake at the end of the meal. A beautiful ending to an already wonderful day.
The day before my friends, Lisa and Xandra took me out to lunch and presented me with exciting gifts of books, art, and another gift certificate at my all time favorite store, Zinnia.
On Sunday, I had brunch with my grand babies and their parents and delighted in their delicious presence. Spent the remainder of the day in an art class which I look forward to every month.

Boy, for a day that I don't look forward to, it was grand.

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femminismo said...

Oh, happy belated birthday! Looks like it was a happy, happy day. Love those days with family. It's then we know how rich we are. Your button flowers are delightful. I want to try some of those. Hey, I have one library card left for someone to decorate. Want to do it? Let me know - Jeanne in Oregon