Friday, March 20, 2009

So much

So much is happening in my life, artistically, it's hard to keep up. I am doing the best I can to manage it all and hope that it all works out in the end...
It seems that there is just not enough hours in the day to do all that I want and need to do. I go from doing calligraphy as my main source of income...forever. Then, to managing supplying the gallery (Ten Women) with art...This is Daisy, a new art doll........and new ornament ATC's for my ABC tree.

I'm also involved in a few other things such as a Round Robin Journal Adventure that I started and have a yahoo group to manage everything. An international journal exchange, the Society for Calligraphy endeavors to which I am deeply involved with and 2 art groups which I physically attend once a month to each. It is all about creating art.

It takes a lot of energy to create at the level that I jumped into. I am keeping up but it's exhausting at times especially that I have a very special man that I share my life with and grandchildren, children and friends whom I love spending special time with, etc.

I am so grateful that my life is so full and precious. Amen!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Love love love Daisy! She's so stylish and petite. Your ATC ornaments are fabulous!!

Denise Bledsoe said...

Renee Dear,
Just thinking about all of your creative energy is inspiring and I hope contagious. Very cool the way you seem to find time for everyone in your life plus live the artis's life so fully! Your new art dolls are just charming! And you know I'm in awe over any of your calligraphy. It's always fun to check in with your blog page to see what new directions you are taking. And what a fun surprise it was to see the little Jester looking back at me a few days ago. Wow! You DO have quite a family of my little ones and I'm honored that they have been adopted by you - my omni-talented friend! XOXO Denise

Jane Farr said...

Wonderful work! It sounds as though you have a lot of balls in the air Renee, and I wish you the energy, timing and balance to keep your juggler's life both beautiful and fulfilling. It sure is inspirational to me! I'd love to see more of your round robin and journal work.