Sunday, May 24, 2009

Celebrating a birthday

Today we celebrated my grandson, James' 7th birthday. OMG, how time flies.

First, let me say that it seems like a long time since I've blogged. I am very blessed to have an abundance of work and after a shaky April, May seems like the flowers are in full bloom indeed.
I've had no time to do much of anything but work full time for which I can only repeat "thank you, God". In this economy, I am truly blessed. To think that a calligrapher can earn a good living in this economy is truly amazing. But, then again, I live in Hollywood. Need I say more?

Included in my blessings was celebrating my grandson's 7th birthday at a party where my granddaugther, Izabella and Jon's granddaughter, Jillian attended. It's like the world for us has come together, finally. A long story that expands almost 40 years...for another day perhaps.

My grandchildren are adopted by 2 incredibly wonderful couples that have been gracious enough to include me and my husband in their lives as normal grandparents. It has worked out beautifully.
I try to create something for each of my grandchildren on their birthdays and Christmas that they could take with them as a family keepsake throughout life...a hand me down so to speak. Since I am an artist, I feel an obligation to myself and them to do this given the circumstances. My close uncle just passed away and I'm feeling a bit vulnerable right now, so family ties are ringing loud for me.
For James, I created "Lewie Lew I., Private Eye"...don't mess with him, cause he always gets the bad guy.

At seven years old, I'm sure he won't appreciate this soft sculpture doll. However, what's in Lewie's pockets, now that's the gift for him. I filled the pockets with lots of cash so that his mom can hold the money for him when they go to Toys R Us and he can choose a gift that he wants. This for me is a Win Win situation.

I had so much fun creating this character. It's the second monster doll and it won't be my last. Booger was my first...I took a class with my friend Lisa at Zinnia in Pasadena with Joe. We had a blast creating a sock monster and I knew it wouldn't be my last.

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