Monday, May 25, 2009

Life and my video

Life just seems to be passing by so quickly lately and my days are filled to the brim with work, family, friends and art. I'm also trying to look for a new place to live that will be affordable, accommodate my working at home, having everything that I love around me, entertaining and having room for my grandchildren to come and visit. Not an easy task living on the westside of Los Angeles where housing is very expensive even in this weak economy. There are lots of places available but they are either too small for what I can afford or too expensive for what would be comfortable. Patience and trust is the key in this situation...neither of which I possess readily.

On the bright side, work is abundant and I am humbly grateful. I'm feeling good, could stand to loose a few pounds and excercise more, but at my age, who cares.

At Ten Women Gallery, I get the window for the month of June. It will be my first so I'm a bit nervous about setting it up and leaving my space almost empty. My space is pretty full right now which is how I like it and it will take a bit of ingenuity to have both looking good and appealing. A challenge I'm not quite prepared to take on but will do my best under the circumstances.

I did a video about how I created the 40 tags for my friends bridal shower. I've put it up on YouTube. Here's the link so I hope you will take a look. Please leave your feedback as I need lots of encouragement. Big hugs in advance for watching....

These are photos from the actual bridal shower...The packages of cards on the table are from my original paintings that I sell at the gallery. It was an added take home gift for the bridal shower guests. I do have wonderful friends indeed.

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rscoach said...

Renee - love your video! What wonderful keepsakes - you look great on camera and are an excellent teacher! Miss you - haven't seen you in forever - hope to see you at our mixed media gathering on Sunday 6/7 - much love - reva