Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today is a new day

Mother's Day...
Spent the morning with my 2 sons, which I haven't done in a very long time, and my best guy, Jon who isn't feeling his best these days (Shingles, discovered yesterday).

My sons are adults and lead unusual lives so to coral them into my otherwise cramp environment is a challenge under any circumstance. And, they actually hung around for several hours which I was pleasantly surprised.

After several stacks of pancakes, orange juice, good coffee and lots of load chatter, we moved onto guitar playing, cell phone/blue tooth fixing, computer photo sharing and reminiscing, the crowd disbursed and life returned to normal.

Last night was an artist reception at Zinnia in Pasadena which I participated in. This is the second exhibit at this gallery that I have been accepted. Angela Cartwright was there signing her new book with Sarah Fishburn, "In this Garden" and there was a wonderful turnout.

Before arriving at the reception, I had dinner with some friend who came to support my efforts and it turned out to be a fun and fabulous evening filled with lots of laughter...just what I needed after a stressful and blue week.

I'm learning that...if you stay in the solution, most things can be remedied. I was focusing on the problem and couldn't find the answer. When there's two people involved, it takes two people to discover the solution.
I think I learned a big lesson these past few days: thinking I was in the dark alone, reaching out, I found a source of light. Being strong doesn't necessarily mean that all the strength comes from you. At my age, this is huge. Relinquishing power doesn't have to mean giving up sometimes means gaining additional strength by collaborating with another.
Also, God has a plan...I need to listen. When it doesn't work out the way I want it to, I have to look at the blessing in the big picture. I am not in control over anything but how I choose to think about things. At 63, I am still a babe in the woods and have a lot of growing up to do.

The result...I am feeling better and have a renewed outlook on my immediate life challenges. I also have a partner to share in the solution. I'm a happy camper right now.


Connie said...

I just happened on your blog the other day and am glad to hear you are in a more positive frame of mind. By the way, your art work is just fantastic!

femminismo said...

Hey, Renee! I just happened by and am reading my way down and came on this. I, too, am 63 and facing challenges. I've just come through an awful five or six months, not knowing what to do, but between the two people involved deepest in all this gloom, we've done some talking and things are a little better. Oh, I know how you feel! You give me hope. Thank you. Jeanne in Oregon