Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Moving

Well, the time has come...my dH and I are on the move again. Only this time, it will be across the street from where I live now...yeah! I live in Mar Vista, very close to Venice where the gallery is. It is important for me that I stay on the west side because it's where my clients are, I've always been on this side of Los Angeles, I raise my boys in Santa Monica and I really like it.
Right now we are in a one bedroom apartment and my art and supplies consumes about 3/4 of it. I literally have to clear off the dining table to eat meals because I've adopted a habit of painting on it. So, this new apartment across the street has a second bedroom that I can call my very own :o) . I'll have to post pictures when I set it up.

I was so nervous about committing to the move even though I've been complaining for a long time about the lack of space, but I'm over it. Now, I'm getting excited.

It's hard at my age (63) to pack and move and start all over. They say it's up there as one of the most stressful things a person can do. Going from a one bedroom to a large 2 bedroom (the master BR is 18'x17') means I will definitely have lots of additional storage space. There are so many cabinets in the kitchen and a full walk in pantry that I doubt I will be able to fill it all. Okay, maybe eventually...but the good news is that I'm throwing so much out and I promise that this time I will be totally organized.

I have a 3 day workshop with Misty Mawn this weekend and I'm feeling like the timing is inconvenient. Those 3 days will be precious and I could have gotten so much accomplished. I guess I'm going to have to do the work when I return home in the evenings. I'm really not looking forward to that.

So...it probably will be awhile before I post again, or maybe not. But, if so, I'll catch up with you when I can.


femminismo said...

I hope your Misty Mawn workshop is lots of fun. The stress of knowing you should be packing may be offset when your creativity gets challenged. You should be fresh and ready to go Tuesday. (will you get to rest on Monday?) I love the gallery photos. So much talent in one place. I am trying to decide whether to head our annual fundraiser at the gallery where I volunteer. No one else is stepping forward and I think a fancy dinner/dance might be a fun way to go this November with our new gallery redo. But ... it will be a lot of work. Yikes and double yikes. - Jeanne

Connie said...

Well, I think your new master bedroom should by your new studio. Really, think about it..how much time will you actually spend in that room? You'll sleep, maybe watch some tv in there. You should be able to do that in the smaller bedroom. Did I get your wheels spinning? LOL. I'm serious though. Good luck on the multi tasking.