Monday, June 22, 2009

Misty Mawn

I attended a fabulous workshop with Misty Mawn It was 2 1/2 days of jam packed instruction on mixed media collage portraiture.

I discovered Misty's incredible work on YouTube. When I saw her video and the way she worked I knew I wanted to experience seeing her create first hand.

The workshop started out full force with demos by Misty on how she creates her provocative faces that seem to be conveying such intuitive thoughts. Her collage technique, although not very different from mine, had her element of surprise because she is so able to put this and that together in a way that was so original and uniquely hers pulling all the pieces together giving her characters a story the way only she can do.
Misty is truly an one of kind artist and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have her influence to include in my own art. Misty is also a kind and gentle young woman with simple needs. I was so impressed by her use of minimal tools and supplies when I dragged along a car load of, what I can't remember and hardly used...It was a big lesson for me that less is more.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with the other nine lovely women, finally meeting Misty, and coming away from the entire experience with joy and delight...well worth every penny and every moment spent.


paperbird said...

Nice picture with Misty. I can't wait to take a class with her. I'll bet you had a wonderful time. Your art pieces are terrific.

soraya nulliah said...

I just came across Mist Mawn and am interested in her e course. thanks for sharing your workshop experiences with her. Your work is beautiful too-there are so many amazing artists out there!-Soraya