Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Been Featured

A lovely gal named Robyn L. Coburn, http://www.allthingsdoll.blogspot.com/ has put together a fabulous blog for all people who are interested in art dolls, the creating, manufacturing, designing and anything related to those little creatures...a site so deserving of attention. Please stop by and visit and you may run into some of my art dolls as well.

Ten Women and Barbie's 50th Anniversary

August 7th is First Friday on Abbot Kinney. Ten Women will be celebrating "Barbie's 50th Anniversary by having a big gallery show/window display and an invitational artist opening that night from 6-10 P.M.

The window is going to be awesome with so many Barbie's displayed and for sale. You may think "who would be interested in a Barbie doll display"? Well, this will not be your usual Barbie and Ken kind of thing but...who can alter Barbie and still make her look like Barbie? Here's my altered Barbie. Her name is "Mother Whatever".

The only original part of Barbie showing is her hand and even that is painter white. It is holding the word Mother...

Check out Ten Women Venice website....

Monday, July 27, 2009

The kids

Jon and I took the kids to the beach yesterday. It had been so long since we had seen them since Izabella was in Sweden for 3 weeks and James had busy summer plans with his day care program. Then there was the move, working and packing, working and moving, working and unpacking and just working. I've been busy these past 2 months and in much gratitude but I'm getting too old to juggle so many things all at once.

James, the little fish is 7 and spent the entire time in the water body surfing. That water was cold but he didn't blink an eye at it.
"My Bell" will be 5 in August and she just let the waves chase her back and forth along the surf. It was delightful to finally spend a day enjoying what I shamefully take for granted...the beach so close to where I live.

New apartment

Well, I made it. Actually, we've been moved in and quite organized soon after the first week. I was pretty anxious to organize my studio so that I could get right down to working quickly as all through the move I had lots of calligraphy work. The rest of my apartment is just about put together as well except for a few areas here and there. I'll post photos of the rest of the place next time.
I'm happy here with lots more room and a place to call my own. I can now leave the art behind and enjoy some relaxation in the living area. It's been nice and long awaited.