Thursday, August 27, 2009

Judy Wilkenfeld

My long anticipated workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld was magical, captivating and filled to the brim with creativity.
Judy is a brilliant and intelligent artist from Australia who creates one of a kind masterpiece books that are made from scratch telling stories without words describing peoples lives.

When I first saw her personal work telling a profound story of Holocaust survival it took my breath away. I knew right then that I needed to witness her art for myself. Above, are just a few photos of her magnificent book that inspired me to take her workshop.

I shared the workshop with 9 other talented artists, all of whom felt the same way about learning from Judy and we became fast friends. However, because of unforeseen and frustrating events the weekend was cut short of an important day resulting in a lack of time to complete any pages we were inspired to create. I do think, however, I learned enough in the time given to go forward on my own to, at least, do some of what I started.

So, out of the loss came gain...I now have 9 new and wonderful friends, a treasure of new techniques to create with and a wonderful regathering to look forward to. I'd say that, all in all, the weekend was a huge success in spite of it's challenges.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lisa LaRosa's Inspirational Retreat

This is long over due...the introduction of my step daughter's new teaching venue in Southern California...Lisa LaRosa's Inspirational Retreat.

In the beginning came the need, the vision, the desire, the possibilities, the inspiration, the enthusiasm and the first seeds that became a reality.

My step daughter, Lisa LaRosa, has bravely taken charge of her life and is opening up her home creating a new teaching venue in order to save her home, provide for her 5 children and create an opportunity to bring teachers and students together for inspiration and exploration of mutual interest.

Her beautiful home is in Old Agoura Hills, half hour from Malibu and an hour from Santa Barbara will be able to accommodate up to 25+ students comfortably and the teachers visiting will be staying in her guest cottage. Most of her neighbors have horses and the area is filled with many trails inhabited by both hikers and riders alike. It's peaceful and serene and truly a retreat for anyone visiting.

With what seems like a natural coarse of action, Lisa has already booked 5 teachers so far. She attended Art Unraveled in Phoenix the first part of August, introduced herself and the retreat and receive an overwhelmingly positive response.

Reva Solomon, a local artist, life coach and avid journaler, will be teaching in October.

Julie Haymaker Thompson,, an artist whom I admire and collect, will be teaching in January 2010....yeah!

Michael deMeng,, will be there in April 2010. I've taken 2 of Michaels classes at AU just recently...see my post on started creations.

On the list of almost booked/confirming dates are:
Carla Sonheim
Richard Salley
Cindy Kovack
Lesley Venable
So far.....the invite list is long.

This venture started about 5 weeks ago and has taken on a life of it's own. We are excited and overwhelmed at it's beginning success. It's been challenging to create, promote and to trust that it will all work out in the perfect time. Staying focused and positive is essential and sometimes difficult with everything else that is already existing in my life. However, it's a done deal!

I hope that whoever is reading this post, will visit Lisa's blog and follow to watch what will happen next...and come take a class ;o)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Sold!

The piece I created in Karen Michel's class at Art Unraveled has already sold at Ten Women Gallery Venice.....Yeah!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Class with Yves Leterme

This week end, I attended a workshop "Gestural Writing" with Yves Leterme from Belgium through the Society for Calligraphy.
At first, I was totally uncomfortable as it was lettering that was pushing the envelope for me, working with nibs that I don't usually use, as my nib of choice is pointed. Yves had us using Speedball C5 to start with. It was a style of lettering I wanted to learn but I realized that, even tho I do lettering for a living, this was another ball game all together. Once I switched to pointed pen, my samples improved, but it would take loads of practice to develop my style in this genre.

By the end of the week end, I did feel that I was glad I had taken the workshop even if I didn't like what I had produced during the class. I did however, learn a new skill which will bring a new textural sparkle to my mixed media work and I am anxious to practice what I learned.. Now, all I need is time...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I did at AU

With my camera all charged and pictures uploaded here are just a few of the pieces I created in the first of Michael deMeng ( classes at Art Unraveled.

This piece is called "The offering". I am far from finished but, I think you can see where I'm going with it.

This is called "Balancing Act"...The Panda has Barbie legs which were snapped off a Barbie that I used in another piece. He will be wearing a tutu, holding an umbrella, twirling a ball and wearing a party hat (eventually), giving this piece a circus like quality not to take everything too seriously but keep it all in balance.

Michael teaches a very intricate assemblage art form. My piece looks nothing like his instructions. Being me, I dance to my own art drummer and of course, it isn't painted yet which will make a huge difference. I did do a simple framed piece which is similar to his flavor of art but I haven't taken a photo of that yet. I will post more of the pieces in another post. Just too many all at once.

This is from Karen Michel's class (
I truly loved this class and loved Karen.

This piece is wood based and like my mosaic collages, it has the same feeling with the small square blocks collaged with each having a letter to spell out a this case "gratitude".

Working with the wood, I see so much more potential to use letters/words, my first love, and make this my own. My original mosaic collages are done in a shadow box frame using originally designed paste paper for the squares.

This was a little different for me. Lately, I've been wanting to do a series of collaged crosses and this piece is a starting point in that direction. It's called "Trust your Heart" in the same wood format as the "Gratitude" piece.

I plan to go forward with these as I already work with wood and see so much potential in broadening my creations and using more of my calligraphic skills.

This weekend I have a class through the Society for Calligraphy with Yves Leterme on gestural writing. I'm excited to finally get back to my roots of my first love...lettering.

More photos to come....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just got back

Oh my, what a week! I just got home from a hectic week in Phoenix for Art Unraveled. Took 4 incredible classes and am so inspired I can almost burst with creative energy.

My first class was with Michael deMeng, "What a Relief". It was fast paced and, I must say, not enough time. However, I did start to create 2 pieces which I would have never created otherwise. Photos will come shortly as my camera is needing of a charge.
Second class was with Karen Michel and what a class is was. I am so totally blown away and inspired by what I learned from Karen, I can hardly wait to start creating all new art. This class was worth the entire to follow.

I had a class with Traci Bautista in the evening but was too tired to get anything from it and on Friday another class with Michael deMeng, "The Island of deMented Toys". What fun we had cutting off limbs of dolls and attaching them to other creatures. Michael is a talented and gifted artist.

I'm barely able to hold my head up tonight as I'm just readjusting to being at my normal pace at home. I'll post tomorrow with photos and more about what's going on...lots of exciting new happenings.
Nitey, night!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbie Redux at Ten Wome

Ten Women Gallery Venice is having an amazing event for the month of August...the remaking of Barbie to celebrate her 50th Anniversary. In other words, Barbie in an altered state!

The window is jammed packed with Barbies and even Kens, some altered to an unrecognizable state. This is just a few of what is being viewed in the window. Our resident artist Patricia Anders, started this endeavor and created a window to be admired and artistically envied. Here are just a few of the altered Barbies that are on display.

On Abbot Kinney, Venice, where Ten Women Gallery Venice is located, has an evening of total festivity on the first Friday of the month. On August 7th, Ten Women will be hosting an outrageous event in honor of this display, Barbies 50th. So, if you are a resident of Southern California, please stop by and witness the event. It will be well worth your while and one you'll talk about.
Look forward to seeing you.