Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbie Redux at Ten Wome

Ten Women Gallery Venice is having an amazing event for the month of August...the remaking of Barbie to celebrate her 50th Anniversary. In other words, Barbie in an altered state!

The window is jammed packed with Barbies and even Kens, some altered to an unrecognizable state. This is just a few of what is being viewed in the window. Our resident artist Patricia Anders, started this endeavor and created a window to be admired and artistically envied. Here are just a few of the altered Barbies that are on display.

On Abbot Kinney, Venice, where Ten Women Gallery Venice is located, has an evening of total festivity on the first Friday of the month. On August 7th, Ten Women will be hosting an outrageous event in honor of this display, Barbies 50th. So, if you are a resident of Southern California, please stop by and witness the event. It will be well worth your while and one you'll talk about.
Look forward to seeing you.

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