Monday, August 17, 2009

Class with Yves Leterme

This week end, I attended a workshop "Gestural Writing" with Yves Leterme from Belgium through the Society for Calligraphy.
At first, I was totally uncomfortable as it was lettering that was pushing the envelope for me, working with nibs that I don't usually use, as my nib of choice is pointed. Yves had us using Speedball C5 to start with. It was a style of lettering I wanted to learn but I realized that, even tho I do lettering for a living, this was another ball game all together. Once I switched to pointed pen, my samples improved, but it would take loads of practice to develop my style in this genre.

By the end of the week end, I did feel that I was glad I had taken the workshop even if I didn't like what I had produced during the class. I did however, learn a new skill which will bring a new textural sparkle to my mixed media work and I am anxious to practice what I learned.. Now, all I need is time...


Jane Farr said...

I know that uncomfortable feeling during a workshop. It will be rewarding to practice and translate new ideas and approaches in the comfort of your own studio!

Mary said...

Hi Renee, what wonderful workshops you have been attending.

Your art is beautiful!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a gift he has! Beautiful! I'm sure you're excited to add your new technique to your work! It will be fun to see :)
Have a good day,

Lisa Holtzman said...

It WAS a fabulous class! Harder than it looks. And, you're a terrific calligrapher Renee : )