Thursday, August 27, 2009

Judy Wilkenfeld

My long anticipated workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld was magical, captivating and filled to the brim with creativity.
Judy is a brilliant and intelligent artist from Australia who creates one of a kind masterpiece books that are made from scratch telling stories without words describing peoples lives.

When I first saw her personal work telling a profound story of Holocaust survival it took my breath away. I knew right then that I needed to witness her art for myself. Above, are just a few photos of her magnificent book that inspired me to take her workshop.

I shared the workshop with 9 other talented artists, all of whom felt the same way about learning from Judy and we became fast friends. However, because of unforeseen and frustrating events the weekend was cut short of an important day resulting in a lack of time to complete any pages we were inspired to create. I do think, however, I learned enough in the time given to go forward on my own to, at least, do some of what I started.

So, out of the loss came gain...I now have 9 new and wonderful friends, a treasure of new techniques to create with and a wonderful regathering to look forward to. I'd say that, all in all, the weekend was a huge success in spite of it's challenges.

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