Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just got back

Oh my, what a week! I just got home from a hectic week in Phoenix for Art Unraveled. Took 4 incredible classes and am so inspired I can almost burst with creative energy.

My first class was with Michael deMeng http://www.michaeldemeng.com/, "What a Relief". It was fast paced and, I must say, not enough time. However, I did start to create 2 pieces which I would have never created otherwise. Photos will come shortly as my camera is needing of a charge.
Second class was with Karen Michel http://alteredimagery.blogspot.com/ and what a class is was. I am so totally blown away and inspired by what I learned from Karen, I can hardly wait to start creating all new art. This class was worth the entire trip....photos to follow.

I had a class with Traci Bautista in the evening but was too tired to get anything from it and on Friday another class with Michael deMeng, "The Island of deMented Toys". What fun we had cutting off limbs of dolls and attaching them to other creatures. Michael is a talented and gifted artist.

I'm barely able to hold my head up tonight as I'm just readjusting to being at my normal pace at home. I'll post tomorrow with photos and more about what's going on...lots of exciting new happenings.
Nitey, night!

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