Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Grandchild

My dear friend Roberta, is having her first grandchild and is giving a baby shower for her daughter 'n law. These are personalized bookmarks for the guests which was created from the same hand painted paper I used to create the Family Tree Album I designed and created from scratch for her grand daughter to keep and pass on when she has children.

This album was created by hand painting Arches 90# watercolor paper with acrylics to give an antique feeling as well as a neutral and contemporary entrance into the present and future. There are many layers of color muted by blotting each layer after saturating the paper one color at a time.
After taking Judy Wilkenfeld's class, I saw the importance of constructing a book that will last many years and generations. I therefore, used heavy book board cutting to dimension of the paper I painted and being the starting point. I painted full sheets of paper, folded in half and then in quarters, tearing by hand to make the signatures. There are 6 signatures of 2 papers making 8 pages each which luckily for me was plenty of pages to give each photo it's importance in the family tree.

I found I had fabric that I wasn't sure where it came from, but was enough, the perfect color, texture and feeling for this album. I added, at the end, the antique ribbon I had purchased at the Rose Bowl Flea Market some time ago and a reproduction brass piece to show which side was the front.

The beginning...a calligraphic quote I added for "grandma" to be which is a perfect introduction to this thoughtful gift.

I thought it was extremely interesting that these two women originally met in High School, the 60's in the Bronx, NY. I, also, was in their graduating class at this same High School which, in Yiddish, is bashert...meant to be.

This is the lovely parents to be at their wedding in 2007. These pages are just a suggestion of what is actually in this album...I didn't want to bore the viewers. It went on for generations.
At the end, I left several pages for the baby's photos. It was a project made with love and a life time of friendship combined. A pleasure job for sure...I'm a lucky gal!


Jane Farr said...

This is a treasure for sure Renee! It's beautiful. I think I would keep it in a fireproof box! :-)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a wonderful creation!! She will love it!

Lisa Holtzman said...

You did a brilliant job on this album Renee! The whole tone of it feels beautifully aged. The bookmarks look great too!!!