Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some new work for the Gallery

After selling several of my pieces in the last month at Ten Women Gallery, I suddenly had to busy myself with getting some new things created to fill those empty spots on my wall. I decided to go with mixed media using my calligraphy which is the direction I am going these days to carve a niche for myself and be original. Hope it works!


Jane Farr said...

Wonderful work Renee! I really like the new direction you are taking - featuring your lettering in your mixed media work. It deserves to be center stage. :-)

Mary said...

I am not surprised you work sells quickly!

These are gorgeous Renee!! I especially like the last piece.

Your calligraphy is so beautiful!!

Xandra Y Zamora : Calligraphy + Design said...

Beautiful, dahling!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Renee ,I did not know you idi such beautiful calligraphy. I am sorry your workshop was cut short with Judy. She does amazing work!! PS Lisa and I working on a workshop. I have a big class event this weekend and then we can iron out the details I am so glad I meet her!!!