Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great find at the Rubber Stamp Convention

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Lisa and I went to the Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson. I'm always excited and scared to attend because although I don't need anything, I always find these special things that I just have to have and end up spending way too much money. But, this time I found a little treasure that made my heart sing. Shadow Frames by Darcies.

These little die cut shadow frames that came in a variety of sizes and shapes just called my name. They were not expensive either. The kit had all the parts and was raw chip board to decorate the way you wanted and even had the plexiglass and clips for full assemblage. This piece is 5x5" and I paid around $4.99.

I put a decorative paper for background, cut a heart from a bible page...(I know, blasphemy...but the bible was falling apart and I used it for preservation :o)...I added a ribbon, tied a key and tag then painted the outer frame gold and rubber stamped with flourish. Kind of neat, huh?

By the way...Happy Thanksgiving!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Renee, I LOVE this!!!!! It's so sweet. You do the most wonderful art. Oh, and thanks for the link : )

Bea said...

They are wonderful. They could be attached to altered books and ever so many things. Now, you have my brain going into overdrive.:)Bea