Saturday, November 21, 2009

More for Ten Women Gallery

Some book marks to add to a new growing variety of items for Ten Women Gallery. These started as paste paper that I tore into the size that slips in the plastic book mark holders. I collaged and
added the calligraphy. I even added a tassel at the end.

These are ornaments with a natural flare so they can maybe sell even after the holidays...

I purchased a thin piece of wood at Michaels to make this door hanger, used gesso and stenciled a design when dried and layered white acrylic to soften the stencil design. After doing the letters which are also stenciled, I decorated them and put a layer of mat medium to seal. I used glue along the edges and sprinkled glass crystals on top of the glue to give a snowy look. Drilled small holes, threaded with wire, a bead, ribbon, strip of fabric and whalla! That's all she wrote!

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Bea said...

I love the bookmarks and the ornaments and the sign. Ok, I really liked everything on this post. :)Bea