Monday, December 21, 2009

Inspirational Retreat ad in January Somerset Studios

I'm so excited that the Inspirational Retreat ad we posted in Somerset Studios has finally arrived at my door step today.  I could hardly wait to get the publication inside and find the ad along with all the classes posted in the Gatherings section.

We have such a fabulous line up of artists all the way through August.  I know that once the classes begin and the word gets out what a wonderful experience it was, it will be the place to come to for inspiration from a favorite artist teachers.

Patience has never been a strong part of my personality and this takes patience as with anything new.  It's been a dream of mine since it's conception to make each workshop a unique, comfortable, inspiring, and a personally rewarding experience.

I've been to many workshops over the years and have felt intimidated, closed up creatively, cramped for personal space and rushed among other things.  Knowing what I would want at a workshop gives me opportunity to prepare a weekend where teacher and student feel that the exchange of give and take is genuine and complete and that each person is getting everything they signed up for and more.  I see so many possibilities and can only hope that the dream becomes a reality.  As they say..."Build it and they will come".


Mary said...

Oh I will be sure to pick up a copy of this.

Have a joyful Christmas Renee!

Jane Farr said...

Inspirational Retreat will be an oasis for creatives, including those that don't yet know how creative they are. I am so excited for your new venture and know it will be a great success.

lori vliegen said...

i totally agree with will be well worth all of the time, efforts and planning that you're putting into this!! i'm looking forward to hearing more about it.....wishing you a happy holiday and very creative 2010!! :))

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hey sweets, I noticed on your profile that you love "Sex in the city "Have you seen Nip and Tuck? Bet you would love that too ,I am hooked! hugs Julie