Friday, January 29, 2010

Letters California Style 2010

Each year, usually in February, the Society for Calligraphy (SFC) has a mini Conference in Pomona, California at Kellog West Cal Poly which is very much like the big conference held in different parts of the U.S.   We bring in about 8 teachers to teach classes over a long weekend.  Brenda from Paper & Ink Arts sets up her mini shop and teaches a mini class and the artists have a chance to sell their art as well.  Ward Dunham comes to sell pens and wax seals and it's all really lots of fun and gives us a chance to get together and schmooze in a large arena once a year.

We also invite artists to donate a piece of art for the auction to raise money for our Southern California chapter.  This year I donated an original mixed media on wood with sculpted letters, entitled "Love of Letters".  I hope it bring in a worthy amount.


Lisa Holtzman said...

So fabulous Renee. It should bring in some big bucks for the SFC.

oneartistjournal said...

The conference sounds like a lot of fun Renee.
I enjoy visiting your blog, you seem to be so inspired and inspiring everything.
Your contribution is textured and layered and yummy....(: