Thursday, January 21, 2010


I want to take a moment to say thank you to the followers and visitors of my blog.  I find it hard to put into words what your support means to me.  Everytime I receive a comment I feel like a little kid who comes home from school to show what I created today and feel so proud when I am complimented and encouraged.  The feeling is addicting.  I once joked with my friend about how she had become a blog slut (pardon the expression) because she couldn't get enough.  Well, it takes one to know one.  The feeling is so rewarding. 

I truly am a kid...a 63 almost 64 year old kid who hasn't grown up yet.  I'm also someone who so much appreciates the privilege of doing art for a living.  It is definitely my one saving grace in my life.  When all else fails and I can't take my life, I dive right into my art where I know I'm safe, where I can forget all my troubles and feel embrace by this unknown miraculous experience every single time I pick up a pen, brush, pencil of any kind, any tool, any medium at all and put a mark to any surface and boom!  the world is wonderful again, everything is fine.  How lucky am I!

Before the holidays, I visited a site and it gave some guidelines on how to let the people you care about via internet get to know a little about me.  I thought this a wonderful idea and kept meaning to do it but busy is the only word that comes to mind as to why I didn't.  So here and now it goes........................

5 Things you might not know about me that I want to share

1. I did not graduate high school but attended college on my own terms taking courses I wanted to learn.

2. My second husband and I are together 40 years, but we were only married 3 of those years, divorced in 1990 but still very much together.  That should really tell you something about me. ;o)

3.  My 2 sons have children that they are not raising.  They are adopted by 2 lovely couples and I am fortunate enough to still have them in my life.  It is a very happy situation.

4.  I still have all my childhood girlfriends in my life (from the Bronx) since we were 12 years old even though most of us live in different parts of the US.  We have reunions every 4-5 years and act like teenagers when we are together.

5.  The only time I am truly happy is when I am creating art.

5 Things going on in my creative life

1. I purchased a very expensive printer to use to create prints of my art and a card line using both my mixed media art and calligraphy.

2. The start of Inspirational Retreat has encouraged me to get connected to the various artists whom I admire and to be brave in my attempts at feeling equal.

3.  I am planning on sending art in to be published to the various magazines this year. 

4.  I plan do some videos to share how I make various creations exclusive to me. 

5. I am planning on starting a selling blog.

5 Things that inspire me

1. I get so inspired by visiting other artist blogs, their flickr and websites and become encouraged to do the same by sharing.

2. I am truly inspired by taking hands on workshops and meeting the artists and physically seeing how they work at their art.

3.  I love taking online workshops because I can go at my own pace and see how everyone else is progressing by their sharing.

4.  I am inspired by looking through all my favorite publications (almost all Stampington) Cloth Paper Scissors, etc. and reading the articles, absorbing the techniques and trying some that appeal to me.  I've grown so much by this.  I also have purchased many books published by my favorite artist.

5.  I also love and am inspired by being surrounded by art so I purchase from some of my favorites (within reason of course, budget allowing).

I'm going to add one more thing to this list because it truly warrants being mentioned....

6.  Being part of an artist gallery is a privilege and blessing and continually inspires me to be the best artist I can be.

I hope that by sharing a little bit of myself personally will bring me closer to all of you.  I will always welcome your comments, negative and positive, as I want to be the best I can be and hope to grow from the critique.

Again, my humble thanks for all your support.
Much love and gratitude.....R


Jane Farr said...

A wonderful post Renee! It is wonderful to get to know you better, and I look forward to seeing you realize all your dreams! xo


i just joined the world of blogging...and so i can relate to how it feels when a compliment comes my way. Your art is great...keep it the colour tones in the heart down below.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Very very nice post my dear friend. I consider it a blessing to have you in my life as you inspire me in so many ways, not just creatively.