Saturday, February 27, 2010

So much to share

I have so much to share I don't know where to I'm just going to post photos and give a brief description.  
But, first I just wanted to say that my trip to Las Vegas was eventful, wonderful in terms of why I went and confirming in why I haven't visited Vegas in the past.  In my opinion, it's a sleezy town that offers little but gambling and "naked women".   I could be wrong and that there's lots more to the place...however, I don't have time to find out nor do I want to. 
With that said...Julie Haymaker Thompson's workshop at Art and Soul was filling to the brim.  I loved every moment of it as I do her and her art.  She is an incredible artist/teacher and shared so much of herself/techniques that I can feel her in what I created in her class.  Of course, I will take what I learned into my own and confess that it was worth every nickel and minute spent absorbing her sharing and giving.

I learned so many techniques that I am over whelmed.  Julie has truly a giving heart...fearless and kind.  She also has a wonderful assistant that I adore equally.  Her Aunt Deb who tirelessly assists the never exhausting Julie doing her biding where needed.  With what Julie shared, it wouldn't have been possible without her.

I created another piece which I finished today and will post tomorrow.

Last week, I turn in the Academy Award Nomination is a sampling of what I have been doing for them for over 10 years now.  These certificates are given out at the luncheon where everyone that is nominated for an Academy Award receives this dedication to honor their contribution to the arts.


This is an honor and privilege for me.  One that fills me with pride as an artist.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art and Soul

Just recently finished this small piece for the gallery.  Pieces that I do with a more natural theme seem to sell much quicker for some reason.  After taking Misty Mawn's online class I feel I've learned a lot so I believe art with my women will have a fresher look to them when I next do one.
Also, I'm very excited about going to Art and Soul retreat in Las Vegas to take Julie Haymaker Thompson's workshop.  I leave on Tuesday morning for a 5 hour drive east taking it nice an easy with a book on cd, snacks for the ride and time to clear my mind.  It's been awhile since I took off by myself and I'm needing it badly.  I'm busy with calligraphy work so I'm hoping I won't have to take any with me to do in the evening while I'm there.  I just want to take a hot bath, watch some tv, sketch a little and get into a bed by myself.  I'm going to have to work my little fingers off tomorrow if I'm going to make that happen but it will be worth it.  

I haven't been to Las Vegas since 1989 and I know it's a different city today.  I'm excited to see the hotels and the attractions that have been created for the visitors.  I'll have much to report when I return. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One More Heart

I have these small square wood blocks that I gessoed thinking I would get them all done before Valentines Day but have been too busy to finish a few.  This is just another one to bring into the gallery before February passes by.  At least I didn't put Happy Valentine's on it.  Tomorrow is my day to do my gallery shift so I like to bring at least one item in that is new. 

Also, I've been trying to print my paintings on the printer I purchased...Epson 3800...but I can't seem to get the colors right.  I'm really not computer savvy and I'm just learning Photoshop Elements so I can adjust the colors more simply.  It seems too much for me at times not to mention the cost.  Between the inks for the printer and good quality paper, buying the program and taking an online class to learn PS Elements, it can get costly if you don't know what you're doing, like mwah!  That was me sighing in case you didn't hear it from where you live.  Oh well, it's all for the sake of art so I guess it's OK.  Now all I need is time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What I'm learning-What I need

Today, I had trouble staying focused on minding my own business which is one of my resolution this year.  Anger is something I deal with on a daily basis although I have just discovered this.  I've been told it's in regards to fear.  I keep asking myself what the fear is in connection with the things that make me angry and the same answer keeps showing up...I'm not enough!  I focus on things outside myself so I don't have to look at myself too closely.  This is a huge revelation for me...
At Inspirational Retreat last night, I attended "Lifting the Veils" with Kathleen Dayvolt who is an Intuitive and Clairvoyant.  It was powerful!  It was a small group of people with different reasons for being there, different ages, backgrounds and awareness.  But, one of the things we all ended up knowing is that the source is just "one" and that we were all connected.  Like a large mirror that has been shattered, us being the pieces, but if put together, it would make a whole.

Kathleen was amazing, warm and open, sharp and knowing.  I feel I am intuitive and would know someone who was trying to get over on me.  But Kathleen had me eventually sobbing and drudging up stuff that I was trying to suppress for quite some time.  There was no mistake why I was there last night.  I've been in prayer about it for awhile now trying to find the answer to why I seek what I need outside myself.

I'm trying to make sense of my existence.  Approaching 64 in another week or so, I'm seeing less time in front of me then behind me.  What have I learned in my 64 years?  Why am I so angry?  I'm exhausted from it.  It doesn't serve me today, never why do I hold on to it?  Why am I so fearful?  Hasn't life been good to me?  Look at the opportunities and all I have...this not being vast but I really don't need very much else at the moment.  The point is, be grateful for my blessings and focused on now.  I have and will be given what I need to take the next step if I trust this to be true.  How simple, how easy!  So???

Now you know why I'm exhausted and don't sleep.  I worry about everything, everyone in my life.  For today, or tomorrow as it is quite late, I will not fear or be angry, I will breath into peace of mind, stay focused on the task as hand, stay in truth, and know that I am a piece of the whole that is needed, worthy, and being taken care of as I am a precious part of the existence of the world.  I know I can only change what I am thinking and let go because there is a greater power that is in control....TRUST and so it is!
And, one huge lesson that screamed at me is to ask, when in a challenging situation, to be shown a different way to see the situation that will reflects love, patience and compassion.
Whew! So simple yet so challenging. This will take practice for sure.  I hope I will be able to sleep quietly tonight.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just a few new things I created for Ten Women Venice Gallery hurrying to get ready for Valentine's Day.  There's just not enough hours in the day...

This week the nominations for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences were announced and as I have done for the past 10 years now, I started personalizing the nomination certificates in calligraphy.  It's a very large job that consumes my time for about 2 weeks and there's a luncheon as well where the certificates are given out and I also create the name tags for that. 
The anticipation and preparation is nerve racking as I have other jobs that need to get finished as well that got held up for one reason or another.  Juggling several areas of my life that are demanding has become something that never seems to change but indeed has gotten more intense as I'm getting older... 

And, older I'm getting.  I'll be 64 in a few weeks and the only good thing I see about getting to this age right now is that next year I can switch to Medicare and reduce my medical insurance.  Boy, will that be a big savings.
I'm not doing anything special for my birthday except perhaps use a Christmas gift of a massage and get a pedicure.  Ahhh, the simple things in life.