Saturday, February 27, 2010

So much to share

I have so much to share I don't know where to I'm just going to post photos and give a brief description.  
But, first I just wanted to say that my trip to Las Vegas was eventful, wonderful in terms of why I went and confirming in why I haven't visited Vegas in the past.  In my opinion, it's a sleezy town that offers little but gambling and "naked women".   I could be wrong and that there's lots more to the place...however, I don't have time to find out nor do I want to. 
With that said...Julie Haymaker Thompson's workshop at Art and Soul was filling to the brim.  I loved every moment of it as I do her and her art.  She is an incredible artist/teacher and shared so much of herself/techniques that I can feel her in what I created in her class.  Of course, I will take what I learned into my own and confess that it was worth every nickel and minute spent absorbing her sharing and giving.

I learned so many techniques that I am over whelmed.  Julie has truly a giving heart...fearless and kind.  She also has a wonderful assistant that I adore equally.  Her Aunt Deb who tirelessly assists the never exhausting Julie doing her biding where needed.  With what Julie shared, it wouldn't have been possible without her.

I created another piece which I finished today and will post tomorrow.

Last week, I turn in the Academy Award Nomination is a sampling of what I have been doing for them for over 10 years now.  These certificates are given out at the luncheon where everyone that is nominated for an Academy Award receives this dedication to honor their contribution to the arts.


This is an honor and privilege for me.  One that fills me with pride as an artist.


Martha Lever said...

RENEE!! Are you kidding me???? You did the certificates for the Academy awards!!OH my! Hoe exciting is that and I must say they are beautiful.
wow--wow wow

Poetic Artist said...

I just found your blog and wow..You did the work for the Academy awards. Love your work.
Glad I found you.

Jane Farr said...

Glad you're back safe and sound! I love your "key" pieces. Great work!! And another year of blessing the Academy Award nominees with your gorgeous script - good on you Renee!!