Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earth Angel

This piece called Earth Angel was inspired by JoAnna Pierotti a wonderful artist and a dear, dear person. 

For the month of March at Ten Women we are allowed to bring in any art to sell.  So I brought in some jewelry, this piece, and some other items that I've experimented with to see how they are received by the public.

The gallery is going thru some growing pains and change over in artists.  Some feel restricted because they have been there for awhile and the art they are creating now is inspired differently which I can totally understand because I want to try everything.  However, the gallery's policy says you can only sell the art that you were juried in with.  If you want to bring something new in it has to be presented at a board meeting and voted on.  Most times it's not a problem but with how many artist feel inclined to leave we are experimenting with new options and changes in our policy.  It will be interesting to see where my art goes if this piece sells.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

That is interesting about the gallery. I guess I see both sides .. On one hand art needs to change all the time as I believe life imitates art !!!Then on the other some artist may not know when it is the right time to submit there "new "look and the new Look may not blend well with the galleries reputation. HMMM it is a tough one and yes well called a " growing pain" we will t see how it pans out. Th images of you with the grand kids are beautiful!! And viva Academy awards!!! You super star!!!! I am proud as punch of you!!!PS Your last email was SOOOO HELFUL!! Thanks darling !!

Judy said...

Love what you have done here Renee. Good luck with it.

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

so cool :) You know me, I love art dolls!